Autodesk Software Audit

Three months ago I installed Inventor series 2009 for which I had obtained the licence during the period I had been a subscription customer with Autodesk for - untill April this year. After discovering solid Edge for 3D modelling early the previous year the only single Autodesk product I ever use is Autocad, and I really don't care much about any version after 2006, and so I decided that paying good money for software that I didn't need was overkill and to stop paying the subscription fee. Out of curiosity I did install Inventor 2009. That was a mistake. After installing it, my Solid Edge software - incidentally: Solid Edge is currently the most dangerous competitor Autocad/Inventor have - developed a problem and crashed every time accessing the materials table. On the internet I found evidence of half a dozen other users who suddenly had the same problem after installing Inventor Series 2009. Solid Edge UGS responded with a software update, which unfortunately didn't work. Autodesk did nothing.

Removing Inventor series 2009 did not solve the problem, but clean reinstalling Windows - for which I had to buy a new license especially for this occasion - and going back to Series 2008 did solve it. Now the next problem arose: Being a non-subscription customer, I had forfeited my right to go back to a previous version of Inventor/Autocad by activating version 2009. For three days I have had to wait, try and convince Autocad employees, contact my reseller, wait again. How lucky for me that Autodesk software is not my main source of income. After three days I got my 2008 activation code. All is well that ends well.

Three months have passed. A letter arrives from Autodesk. What is their response to this unfortunate series of events? Have they finally found the bug and seen the error of their ways? No boys and girls, the letter did not contain an apology. Autodesk's final answer to the problem is going be... to target me with a software audit for requesting too many activation codes in a short time.

No questions. Thank you.

Oh, maybe just one question: If after this audit my installation proves to be clean, will Autodesk be liable for any damage they have caused here?
Did anyone ever sue Autodesk?


  1. Though the programs you are discussing are unknown to me, the experience of "help" is not. How frustrating. I hope things turn out right for you.


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