Monday, September 29, 2008

de tijd vliegt

I always wonder how they know

favourite waste of time


The Man In Japan said...

Just wrote a nice long blog entry for you :)

I see you gave up on Vox and moved here... I was thinking of doing the same... how is it?

TMIJ said...

Dammit! There already IS a maninjapan at blogspot. He wrote three entries then hasn't updated for over two years.


By the way, did you notice efx seems to be getting a revival?

thyme said...

Bummer. An impostor! It should be possible to squat blogs that are derelict like that.

Ferreira-Pinto said...

Great toons to be seem around here.

Dick said...

Hoi Thyme

Leuk blog heb je, bedankt voor je bezoek aan het mijne. Die windmolens hebben niet zoveel capaciteit je kan er zo naartoe lopen maar ze staan nu stil want begin dit jaar is er een wiek afgebroken en waarschijnlijk gaan ze niet meer gebruikt worden.