first bilingual email

Subject: server
Importance: High
Auto forwarded by a Rule

De server moet herstart worden.
Sla je werk op.

The server needs a restart.
Save your work.

Beautiful like a Haiku!

OK I admit it, I am a bit bored. My stalker didn't call this morning. I wonder if he will make his call this afternoon. Kidding... I don't have a stalker. I may, however, have ticked off one telemarketeer too many who then put his computer on "redial" every day twice a day for the last couple of weeks.

I am working at home today and the highlight of my morning was the First Bilingual Email I got on this job. They have resisted very long. But now, we have a Pole. Considering unemployment in Poland is about twice the European average wheras unemployment here is rougly half the European average that is all very natural. It He is a very good Pole collegue. He's been with us for about four months and he is the only one who understands my methods. That is because my methods are crazy brilliant.

To clarify: I am a Solid Edge engineer. I draft 3D models of machines. I do not always understand how the machines work, but my models "work". They work in the sense that they are flexible to modify. Changing one part, results in automatic adaptations of the separate parts joined around it. Not even many of my coworkers understand. But the Pole does, which is nice because it means my models don't break when he handles them and I look less like a fool.

One thing he doesn't understand however, is Dutch.