first swim

It didn't rain, much. I think I amazed the Silversurfer by remembering which side of the board was up and much of the time staying there. (Right?) Now maybe I'd feel like a REAL surfer if only I could learn how to steer... luff, jibe, waterstart... waterstart, again... kick water... ok for god's sake climb on the board and pull the sail up... call the coast guard... (let's begin with the steering).

I mostly amazed myself by being able to get out of The Suit virtually painlessly afterwards. And it wasn't cold on the water. It was cold standing around on the shore. On the water it was nice.

It was also the first time I went swimming this whole summer. And it will not be the only time. Tomorrow we're going again.


  1. I'm proud on you.
    When you get on the board, pull up the sail, you just sail away.
    Windforce 4, the first time after 5 years, you're a natural talent.


  2. You're a natural flatterer! And a good teacher :-)
    I am calling you Silver Surfer from now on... it's something with the lights in your hair :-D


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