il a la voix qui mue

The Superkid is 16 and lately he has the beard in his throat. To have the beard in his throat is a Dutch expression which means that his voice is breaking and changing from his usual childish high-pitch to a deep male bariton. Maybe not quite that deep. I couldn't find a translation in English, but in French the same means: "avoir la voix qui mue".

He was telling me a story in this voice which was going up and down and I told him to make a decision at last, what do you want to talk like, high pitched or low pitched. And he put up a really high squeek and peeped "LOW PITCHED". With that made me laugh so hard.. it was one of those moments that I know and IQ of 70 is not the same as stupid.

Later he commenced to persuade me that his yellow T-shirt is actually bright green. I showed him that it wasn't that different from the canary-yellow cupboard in my room, only lighter. And then it was his turn to laugh at me, because, according to him, there is no such thing as light yellow. Yellow is a light colour, so light yellow does not exist; something can be either yellow (like the canary cupboards) or green, like the vanilla or sandy walls.

In fact he just revealed to me that actually everything in my house is this same colour: light green. The different shades sand coloured walls, the vanilla woodwork, yes, even the creamy white ceiling is light green.

I will have to have a talk with him about this some more tomorrow. I may have the next Vincent van Gogh right here on my hands.


  1. hey, i can't read french. when are you coming back to Voxy? The Real Code is waiting for your return.

  2. Hey Ai Code! You found my b-spot! Well done :-D

    I like it here, it loads faster... and I have a blogwatch... with EXCERPTS...

  3. Everything is bright green? Have they tried giving him some paint and a canvas?

  4. well consider coming back to voxy :-p

  5. What about your settees? Are they light green or dark green?


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