it's ON!! (but it's tight)

I had a friend over for lunch. Friend, I hope you read me, because the answer is YES. I managed to get into the suit(s). Both of them, even the hot one. I'm still a bit breathless from the sight. Of everything. The sight of everything took my breath away in that suit. And my hands turned blue after a couple of minutes is that normal?

Anyhow, I am ready to go windsurfing this winter. It's on. Everything but the last bit of the zipper in the back. I managed to raise my arms and take a few steps about the room, and getting on the board and falling off again looks like a definite possibility now. But I am going to need to borrow someone's husband to help me dress and undress and I hope you know who I am thinking of.

Here's a photo. God, the bloody suit makes me HOT!


  1. Hey,
    If the suit fits too thight, it takes my breath away too.
    I think 3 years with such a suit is maximum to wear, if you grow.
    Because the rubber itself shrink, run out of it's flexibility.
    In the past I cut off the sleeves, so the blood can flow through my veins to my fingers.
    Than I could use the suit one more year.
    About the zipper, with "a little help from my friends".
    And if you gets too hot, jump in the water and cool down.
    And than go surfing and be one with the elements.
    Embrace the world.

    Hang loose.

  2. "jump in the water and cool down" sounds so good all of a sudden :-D

    If it is 5 degrees though, I am going to need socks! Other than that, I'm ready.

  3. How awesome will that be? Windsurfing sounds like a lot of fun. I enjoyed this post; I love your sense of humor.

    I hope you find the right helper with that suit.

  4. All I can say is it's better you than me in that thing! I get claustrophobic just looking at it, besides I'd just look like a sausage in anything that tight :P

  5. I do too. Look like a sausage. But I got it on :-)


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