Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it's a... (looks like a)

Foundation machine!

(Because I can.)

Seriously, why not.

Do you have any idea how UN-boring my life would be without these mud mashing monsters?

Besides, I can show it to the income taxes bureau and tell them I have been using my camera for professional purposes. They don't know that I have been writing all sorts of things except manuals. They don't read my blog. Either.

OK .. so maybe it is not a foundation machine. Just testing.
Fortunately I am a better draftsperson than I am a knower-of-foundation-machines.
But they DO look similar.


KingOfAnkh said...

That's very similar to the rigs we use at work, we normally use them for drilling bore holes for ground testing or geothermal work.

thyme said...

Um.. maybe that is what it is. I thought it looked small for a foundation machine *blush*

But it works along the same principle!

Anonymous said...

I'll go with the drill rig , ray

thyme said...

I know now!

In my defence; I didn't know what a drill rig was. It looks exactly like an extremely small foundation machine.