Liquorice lunch

OK I admit it, I shouldn't be here. I should have left an hour ago. And a half. But it is raining, and sixteen degrees outside.

Just when I was finally resigning to the fact that I am here and starting to like it. Indian summer.

In the morning the light of the rising sun through the transparent grasses and the reeds, turning even the strips of asfalt to golden silk, in the evening the same, in the opposite direction. I really didn't want to be anywhere else but here, for a whole three days. Then today all turns to mud again!

I should have left two hours ago. I've missed the opening of the new school.

I should leave in half an hour, if I still want to pick up the little van. I need it to go surfing tomorrow. It will be 15 degrees and it will rain. The last time that happened I just drove down, had a hot cocoa in the pub, and drove back again.

I better go now.

Get on yer bike lass!

Demadesco-bundi te salutant.


  1. not a big fan of licorice - although, if it is red, i like it :-)


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