little kitesurfer

Nostalgia... this was in August 2003. Isn't he cute? We were all pretty cute in those days if I may speak for ourselves. (That was long ago!)

It was cloudy that day and a bit cold. I had two sails, one 4m2 and one 5m2 and there wasn't a lot of wind. This friend brought a very small sail for the superkid to try, but it was still too heavy for him. Besides, he is chicken on the water. If it's a bit wobbly, he sits down clutching the sides of the board and absolutely refuses to get up.

If anyone is interested in a full body kiddy size wetsuit .. Sola Vision Titanium - for a child 120 - 130 cm tall... once worn, never been in the water... I'll take any acceptable offer.

Here's a little slideshow of that one time.


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