not a lot

A field full of geese, two swans, sheep, goats, horses. Angry kid, a chance meeting with a friend, ice cream, happy kid, the same horses, goats and sheep in the other direction, although the sheep were all huddled together because there was a big bulky black but innocent looking dog jumping around in the field.

And my wooden shed is totally rotting away. I don't really want to think about it. Or talk.

This and this is what I keep wanting to be able to photograph on the mornings that I drive through the fields at an early hour, when the rising sun makes clouds appear from the damp earth. I wish I could catch it. A water colour painting of light.


  1. i got hit in the head by a cow once. i think you're the only one who reads my blog. :-o hope you had a great weekend!!!!!!

  2. Not true, you've got thousands of people read your blog.
    Can you imagine, they prefer to read about haitian hurricanes and Peruvian bed bugs rather than good honest Dutch cattle? I don't get it :-P

  3. Mmmmmrrrhhhh a good fence post to scratch myself against. How I need one.


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