change in the weather

I miss it! The bush walking, the warm air, the smells, the sounds, the birds, everything.

My sister just informed me that things are starting to heat up there again. Here they are cooling down. She is sitting at her computer breaking out a sweat. I am shivering, my hands are developing blue spots and I know that I should be putting on socks because my throat is starting to tickle, but I am holding it off as long as humanly possible. I hardly break out a sweat cycling 18k to Rotterdam. And back.

Their world heats up, the smells become more intense, too hot to work, everyone understands, the best thing to do is to sit back and relax. Nine months of the year.
Our world cools down, becomes uptight, smells become faint, what prevails is the smell of garbage, sewage, traffic exhaust, washing detergent and cooking supper. Smells of people moving to and from work. Smells of people eating dinner after getting home from work. People washing, people cleaning. People working.

It is unfair.. UNFAIR... completely and utterly injust. That there are three months of the year where their climate resembles ours and our lives touch and those are the three months of their cold season, and the three months of our summer. And they coincide. After which all move apart again into our respective climates.

I won't have it any more. Something has to be done. This has to change. Seriously.

Oh and another thing... THEY GOT BOGGED! In a Hilux! Ha. Ha. Ha. Well allmost. The same sand heap that we got stuck in at the Mouth of McIvor and they bloody gt stuck in it too. They had to reverse not once, not twice, not three times, no.. FOUR times all the way to the beach to get through it. AND they let air out of the tyres.

Argh, little sister! Tell me AGAIN that my car has the same clearance underneath that the Hilux has.. I DARE YOU!


  1. Winter is coming quickly here and it feels like we barely had a summer. It's depressing. Time to move south...way way way south!

  2. just after I'd written that entry, the weather decides to go all summer on me!

    We live near the coast, so it can stay mild till october. But if it's bad, it's very bad. Wet, mostly :-(


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