between boat and board

It says it's for sale. Hey.. a girl can dream. Can't they? (Answer: No they can't.. they're too old and wise.) I'm having carpenters over for breakfast lunch and hopefully not dinner tomorrow. Not that I don't like them. But they are messy, come to speak of it. Uhm, that was a joke. It should look a lot better here when they are gone. I'll probably be the messy one, with paint and brushes and spilling coffee over everyone.

I really don't have anything better to do. For work I have to write a maintenance manual for a model I built. As it appears it works fine when I handle it, then when I am gone people mess it up and it doesn't work any more. I can take the whole week for writing the manual. I wonder what they will do to me if they still don't get it after I am done, keelhaul me? It is really very simple but if they still do not understand after all my verbal explanations I am not sure what else to say...

Always check if the sketches are healthy. The sketches are your skeleton. Don't make too many, make three. That's it. And go back to them always. Do you understand?

Do. You. Un-der-stand?

DO YOU UN-DER-STaaaaaarghgh... splash



  1. That looks like a beautiful boat. I'm for dreaming, too!

  2. Where is this? It's purrrdy. Reminds me a little of the canals in Northern England and a bit more of the funny-looking water-thing passing through Amsterdam. (Although I suppose funny-looking water-things pass through a lot of the Netherlands.)


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