just another day

Sunny but cold. I got some work done, just the regular.. checking if all my sketches are healthy, getting ticked off at things people have changed in MY drawing while I was away sort of thing, deleting some jittery relationships, flipping some others... but my computer was damned slow. Maybe because of the mediaplayer in the background but I need the distraction. I had the window open and the back door into my own private 2 by 2 snail- and spider-infested jungle. Trying to catch a bit of the feeling of being outside where the life is going on. What would have made it perfect (read: less imperfect - almost nice) is a big fan in the window blowing hot air inside. Warmth... gimme some, you selfish gluttons you know who you are, hoarding it all for yourself while people are freezing here. I finally gave up fighting this injustice and put on socks instead. Tried to avoid being distracted by the pitiful sight of the window frames which are in screaming need of a late summer paint job. A little bit of entertainment is cool but that sort of thing is just frankly disturbing.


  1. This is a nice post.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my improvisation.
    Have a nice week ahead!


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