Wednesday drivers

I hate them! I don't have anything against good professional drivers, especially not the ones who can park their truck backwards and it is 80 meters long, and they do not hit anything with it. Nothing. It's those other ones. The ones that have got one single diploma: their DRIVERS license. So, they are a DRIVER. It says so. They have a license, you know. And they are driving a bigger car than mine. And when I am trying to get past a line of parked cars like these here (or twice as long - with three more cars illegally parked at either end) I am on THEIR side of the road. So they are not stopping when I have nearly passed all the parked cars with only one car to go and they've just come scooting round the corner at 80k, because I AM ON THEIR SIDE OF THE ROAD. They OWN it. They got the papers to prove it.

So I move backwards in my lil car. I can drive backwards in a lil car, along a long line of parked cars, if I have to, without knocking their mirrors off. It takes some effort, but I can. It is those idiot little knee-high concrete blocks strategically hidden in parking lots that I can't do. With or without pebbles in them. They usually get me. Mirrors are not my problem. But next time when I catch that fucker on MY side of the road, guess what I am going to do?

I think would stop anyway. Because I am a better driver than that! >:-(

I bet it was them who knocked my mirror off the other day and drove off without telling. Those F#^*%g A$$#@%#s!