I was just blown completely off my feet. Or rather: wheels.
And when the wetness came there was no stopping the sensation.
My skin was tingling, glowed all over.
The muddy grayish spray sent shivers through my spine.

The rhythm beating down on me relentlessly
against the force unceasing,
My muscles flexed, my thighs were heaving
My breath got deep and fast.

There's no escape and I'm not dreaming
I better love this; autumn is here to last.

Once more.. it is time to appreciate all the various shades of grey this country comes in.

Oh, and green, of course.

And cycling in the rain.


  1. I loved that. I think you are a kindred spirit!

  2. Such a poetical way to describe the cold, wet, penetrating wind!

  3. Thanks Sandy. When I grow up! Right now for me loving it doesn't come easy..

    Hah.. penetrating, good word :-D


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