Thursday, October 2, 2008

20 seconds colder

In modern energy-conscious homes, the barometer has been replaced by the microwave, and the fireplace has been supplanted by the LCD widescreen tv. The latter giving about the same amount of warmth an visual stimulation, but causing significantly less direct CO2 emissions.


Xiwel said...

Need this link?

My electricity consumption remains the same for winter and summer (65kWh/mth). This is mainly caused by my fridge. That device consumes less in colder days as the fight against the ambient temperature is less needed. That saving is balances the extra consumption of my washing mashines' heating device and extra illumination.

thyme said...

Thanks :-) it is almost perfect.. a pity the smell is missing!

My electricity consumption suddenly peaked this spring. I was really baffled, then realized the rise coincided with the arrival of an LCD tv. I hear plasma tv's are worse! By the way did u notice the microwave is recycled? :-D

Xiwel said...

The screensize and brightness-settings are a measure for the consumption of any TV or display.

I use my 15.4" laptop-screen and that one consumes 3.5 Watt. My laptop including highspeed modem consumes 25 Watt. That's 1/3rd of my old 63cm TV.

Put your TV in a darker area and decrease the brighness and you're saving some 30% on power. It also increases the lifetime of your TV.

Dick said...

Haha that's an easy way to find out the temperature.

thyme said...

Um, remind me.. 700 Watt x 20 seconds = 14 000 J

14 000 / 4.184 = 3346 calories

cup contins roughly 350 grams

3346/350 = 9.5 degrees C temperature difference!!!!

Geniaal, n'est-ce pas? (Is it remotely correct, anyone?)

thyme said...

(pourvu que c'est du lait qu'on chauffe, qui prend un peu plus de chaleur que l'eau, et que en fait la temperature du produit sera un peu plus élevé qu'il ne l'était l'été.. je crois bien que... meuh.)