Wednesday, October 1, 2008


... en de tandarts.


Anonymous said...

great stickfigure.
You're a born artist.
You draw them very fluent.
That's the difference btween amature and pro.
Btw, good timing painting your door before the rain starts pouring all days.
It looks good.


thyme said...

You know very well that I am not a pro. But I wish!
This is much more fun than gantry cranes etc.
Thanks for the compliment :-)

Xiwel said...

Do I see some recycling? :-)

thyme said...

I don't know, do you? Recycling is my job (another one of them). In my free time I prefer bicycling :-D

thyme said...

Ah, sorry.. Ik begrijp wat je bedoelt, ik heb de fietsen een paar keer gerycycled ja.

Ssst.. geheim van de smid ;-)