Monday, October 6, 2008

LIVE artwork

This a special for the admirers of LIVE portrait sketches - the portraits I posted before were overlays of photographs and although techniquely hand sketches, they were not sketches of a live model, or reproductions of an image by memory and sheer imaginative brain power. Unlike the sketches I am going to show you here. What is to follow is nothing but the purest product of brain power and imagination. First I must begin by admitting this exposition is not all my own work. It is a co-artistship between my nephew and myself, and strictly speaking only part of one single item of the collection is by my own hand. The others though, have been greatly, or I should say SOLELY, inspired by my person. Thus I feel entitled to consider them MINE, and to publish them here for your pleasure and admiration.

To the right of this tableau is a sketch I did, picturing my youngest nephew in the act of drinking the water we were using for a physics experiment demonstrating how water changes the direction of lightbeams.
Material: paper intended for notes about said experiment; small pencil intended for same purpose.

To the left of the tableau: one of a series of sketches my nephew did in response to my sketch of him. This first sketch is depicting me, in the shape of a monkey, crashing into a tree.

Me eating pooh.

Me as an earthworm.

Me and a mosquito. The artist composed this piece after conducting a careful investigation aimed at discovering which animal I feared most. During my short stay I had already survived a number of encounters with some of Australia's dangerous spiders and a snake, without experiencing any agression from those creatures at all, and so I told him that the animal I feared most is the mosquito because it always bites. He then produced the above impression of me being bitten by a mosquito.

Me as a tilapia (in Australia it is a pest fish). The spot to the right in evidence of the state of my emotions after this display of familial affection.

There was another one picturing me as a toad, but unfortunately for you I am pretending to have lost it because this is as much as my honour can take. In reality I have been forced to sell it to finance some home improvement projects needed this winter. The above artworks are for sale, if you care to place your bids here.

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