Friday, October 24, 2008

New Release

Yesterday I attended a software presentation for a new release of SE CAD software
used car salesman ...
taking notes
heavy matter
pretending to stroke his hair, but I could see he was surpressing a yawn
the view


Indrani said...

These are wonderful sketches! Amazing!!
I particularly liked the "suppressing a yawn".

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha Ha... you are very funny !

But that does not take away your excellence in sketching.

I have started liking your blog immensely.

thyme said...

Thank you. I had to be a bit careful not to examine people too closely or they got nervous... :-D

Pietro said...

Really beautiful sketches! I wonder how you create them.
Have a great weekend!

thyme said...

Thank you.. that means a lot, from an artist like you!
I just sketched in my notebook, in between the notes. And when I got home I took a photo of the sketches and I copied them with my tablet, leaving out the notes ...
I really like his new tablet.

Xiwel said...

A good impression. I've been to several software presentations and trainings, and that was before we decided not to purchase it, or after I had used it. Yawning is the least yo can do. There is also a 'dresscode': More costs on suits and shoes means less knowledge of the product they present or sell. And 'overdressing' at such events happen too often. :-)

thyme said...

True. All the draftsmen were in jeans and sweaters.