The real question is...

What IS money? Is money really? If no, what are we talking about? If yes, what?
Where did all that money GO?

(I know it's not very strong. Showing you I'm not a pro, sorry!)

... all I know is, I want to put what is left in value that lasts. The whole 435.47 Euro of it.

Not gold. I've never understood the power of gold. You can't eat gold just like you can not eat money.

What do people even mean when they say gold keeps it's value.. the price of gold goes up and down almost as badly as the price of oil, except mostly in the other direction - so when you have a lot of value in gold you don't really need it, and vice versa - and it doesn't burn as well. I want nothing to do with it.

I'm off to Apeldoorn.