silent witness

Purple and green is like carrying an umbrella on a bicycle.

Some current affairs: With this financial crisis thing going on, man, people, really.. it's HUGE. I apologize for the lack of poetry, but really.. don't have words for it. Iceland went bankrupt - capitalization, punctuation, ratatata of exclamation marks. Imagine that. All I can say is.. I hope Obama gets it. We all know who caused this and it wasn't him. The only thing that can make money disappear like snow ( or ice -land ha ha forgive the stupid attempt at pun plz ( who am I talking to, nobody reads my blog anyway ) ) besides a thick bunch of thieves, aka bankers.. is war. Mix up a cocktail of both, take away all rules and regulations, put the mix in a great big country with connections all over the world, and voilá... what do you get.. bingo.. it's the biggest financial crisis in 81 years.

If it seems that I'm still laughing it is because dutch people will only really admit to one fear; the fear of water. If push comes to shove, we are going to have to recycle blown umbrellas.


  1. I read your blog!

    I also blogged about this subject recently and if it was up to me the whole banking sector should take a dive, perhaps the Dutch should

    *splish splash*

  2. Yes. we do. You sound so very British, I have no idea what you are saying. You love us, don't you?. May I compliment you on your PM Gordon Brown, he's got a very sexy voice.


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