sofa adventure

After yesterday's adventure I had a very relaxed morning today stretched out on the "sofa" of my dentist, baring my nerves and getting my molars capped.
For those not in the know; the procedure of getting your molars capped involves drilling away all the old filling and/or enamel on the complete chewing surface of the molar, only slightly touching the nerve as it is being exposed - not in any way killing it - before capping the tooth with a thermo-hardening plastic putty.

My dentist is one of the race of super dentists. Really good dentists should not only be capable and intelligent and gurus at their job, they should also be handsome, level tempered, of the opposite sex - and have their children's drawings taped to the ceiling. My dentist simply is the complete deal.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah a slight touch of the nerve, good luck. lol

  2. Thank you... I think I am still a bit traumatized, I'm still having flashbacks!


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