Thursday, October 30, 2008

some things you see

One of the kids from his class of last year died this weekend.
He heard the news today.

When I asked him: Were you shocked when you heard it?
He said: Yes, but some things, you can see them coming.


Indrani said...

Your son has take it quite bravely.
Nice drawing to capture the emotion.

thyme said...

I was ver y surprised at how calmly he takes it. When I was his age my grandfather was the first person I knew who died. He has already lost three grandparents and this is the second former classmate whose funeral he attends. These children know better how to deal with death than I do.

Ann-Mi said...

I'm STILL trying to get over the most recent death, and that will soon have been over a year ago!

I admire his strength.