Teus the Plumber

The name of the plumber isn't Joe, it is Teus. I know, because he said so.

I had cleaned the siphon and tried pushing a metal spring through the pipe, worked the plopper, even threatened with the chemicals. All in vain.

(If anything is not clear, check the illustration please.)

You won't want to know what black stinking jelly came out of the pipe so I will not tell you. But whatever I did, nothing unblocked the pipe. At the end of the afternoon and my wits I called for help.

He wore clogs. A pair of gigantic yellow wooden clogs. That wasn't all he was wearing, he also had on a gray knitted pullover and an old pair of jeans, and shoes. He was wearing the shoes inside the clogs.

He brought a "crawl snake". Maybe you wouldn't call it a snake, but everybody here does. You might call it a hose. A crawl hose. It is a thin high-pressure hose. The snake/hose has a small metal head with three holes, one pointing to the front and two to the back, while it pushes itself through the pipe with the two backwards nozzles, and blows the pipe clean with the forward nozzle.

Teus the plumber has been here and my house is at peace.

A flock of migrating geese have found a place to spend the night on the other side of the street.


  1. I am glad he worked his magic. I know this snake and think of him fondly.

    And I love the stylin' ways of your plumber!

  2. Have your pick on Water Jetters:
    http://www.drainchem.com.au/thejettersedge_main.htm :-)

    Is he a relative of Teus Sixpack?

  3. Sandy; I liked the snake too. I am now waiting for Teus' bill and am indeed planning to check if buying my own snake is profitable.

    Thanks Xiwel ;-) He might have carried a couple under his sweater. With someone who wears shoes inside his clogs you can expect as much...

  4. Man, that's awesome! I dind't know anyone REALLY wore clogs!

    I used to wear them as a kid. Big wooden ones. I'd gallop around in the garden and pretend i was a horse. It was great.


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