vacances d'automne 2008

Si Obama ne gagne pas les élections, dès ce jour lá
ce blog sera uniquement en Français.
If Obama does not win the elections, from that day
this blog will be uniquely in French.

N'importe quelle figure de boue je frappe avec.
No matter how much of a mud figure I will seem (hit) by it.

Peut-être même mieux: en Japonnais.
Or maybe even better: in Japanese.

I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu.

Saru mo ki kara ochiru.

View on the White house
View on the White House, Rotterdam


  1. Beautiful shot! I like the light reflecting off the boat!
    Sorry, I am ignorant of the language, but pictures speak a lot! :)

  2. Amo su humor


  3. Very lively and picturesque image.
    Thanks for your comment: it's very interesting what you say about the moon in Australia.

  4. Another reason I need Obama to win--I don't read French!

  5. I really really hope Obama will win too!

  6. love this last photograph of the boat

  7. And what do you think of the Wite House/ This used to be the highest building of Europe when it was built in 1897. Critics warned that the soft ground of Rotterdam would not be strong enough to bear such an enormous construction. During the hammering of the foundation the ground was disturbed in such a way that a neighbouring building collapsed. The terrain of this building was then bought by the developers and used for the White House. It ended up 20x20 meter instead of 15x20 meter, bigger than the original plans. It is supported on one thousand foundation poles. It is 43 meters high, it cost 127 900 guilders to build it and it is constructed of steel and cement, not concrete. No wood was used.


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