blogging is a dangerous medium

A Dutch blogger in New York was fired from her job as a bartender after blogging about the fact that a delegation of the Belgian Ministry of Defence in the company of the Minister, Pieter De Crem himself visited her pub in an elevated state of inebriation, while they allegedly should not have been in New York but in Genève at that time, because the meetings they came to attend had been cancelled... at least this was what a member of the delegation told her.

After the blog was published, the Belgian press got hold of the story and a public inquiry was started after the business of the minister and his delegation in New York. These inquiries do not seem to have led to a satisfactory explanation, although the Minister defends his presence there saying that he had not been drunk, and that he had indeed had a full agenda and was not just out partying. He accuses blogging of being a dangerous medium and thinks measures to curb this medium are in order.

It was established that a phonecall has been made from the Ministry to the establishment the blogger was working in, preceding her discharge.

From "De Morgen" (excuse my clumsy translation):


André Flahaut, PS member and predecessor of De Crem, is puzzled about the extensive visit which is set in the context of a nota which has not yet been approved by the government and the meetings with American politicians who will not be in office anymore within a few weeks. According to Flahaut it is unacceptable if the woman has been fired after interventions from Belgium.

SPA member Geerts accused De Crem of assuming the role of victim while this woman has lost her job and is the real victim. The event moreover proves to him that the Flemish christian democrat has a serious problem handling criticism. "Lamentable", was his verdict.

A similar opinion was held by Wouter De Vriendt. [responding to the fact that the phonecall was in effect, made] "That there has been contact, is new to us", he posed. The member of the Greens also pointed out the fact that he had requested the agenda of the business visit a week ago, but had received no reply. (mvl/belga/mvdb)
27/11/08 18u23

Edit: (ha ha ha) :

A message from "poor-dangerous-blogger-with-three-kids" Maarten Schenk Al Blogger.


  1. Good Morning, Fellow Dangerous Blogger.

    May no misbehaving government officials cross my path and bully me later about it.

    The foolish, drunken censor.

  2. Good morning to you Sandy.

    I am sorry for not translating the video, it is extra funny because it is a reference to a dvd Belgian and Dutch tv stations have received in the mail last week, with a video of three supposed terrorists uttering threats towards the Belgian government for sending more F16s to Afghanistan.

    The video is supposed to be fake.

  3. Dommage que mon anglais ne me permette pas de comprendre assez bien.T_T merci pour le commentaire sur mon portrait ! :D

  4. Voilá en Français
    Mon Français à moi n'est pas assez bien pour pouvoir traduire, je peux tout juste comprendre @_@

    Thank you for repaying the visit! I enjoy your blog very much :-)

  5. I've red it in the newespaper, do you think we have to stop blogging? lol

  6. Well, apparently it is addictive, so it should probably forbidden (everywhere except in the Netherlands).


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