Saturday, November 29, 2008

classic case of software

These are unrelated doodles. I had some time on my hands when Windows was installing for the fourth time.

The reason I was reinstalling for the fourth time: antivirussoftware on 64 bit XP, is very difficult to find. I am a Symantec customer, but my account only enables me to buy Norton products. Norton does not work on 64 bit. Symantec Enterprise does. But to buy it, you need to contact a sales agent, or rather, send them an email and have one contact you. So I have been waiting for one to contact me for three days now, without any luck.

Other than that it appears the licenses for Enterprise software are only sold in bulk of 5 seats. Competitor McAfee only sells a minimum of 11 seats. I decided to try my luck on the darker side of the market. When I finally found a copy that was immediately available, upon install it turned out to be in Hungarian. It may have been Czech - there were a LOT of cz's in it. It was interesting for two minutes, but strangely - maybe it was the fact that I hardly understood a word - it soon made me feel uncomfortable and halfway in the third minute I decided to remove. However, the damage was done, system startup suddenly was considerably slower than before, and some files did not want to be removed, even after a system restore. I manually edited the registry removing all the keys for the software and tried to delete all the files and folders, but two dll's were impossible to delete. That means they were in use by a program, and they should not have been.

Another lesson learned... never trust a hacked firewall! That is on hindsight about the dumbest thing you can do. And I did, yes, thank you.

One solution remained: re-re-re-reinstall windows!

It won't come as a surprise that of the five licensed software products I run, all reactivated beautifully except.. guess... Autodesk Inventor. But in the end it got done, although it took three phonecalls and talking to four people including the Boss of the Activation Center, because the Boss of Autodesk Himself was at a Sales Exhibition. I must admit that once you get used to it, Autodesks licensing system certainly is the most sociably interactive one and as such not actually unpleasant, although time consuming. They were very friendly. It was a relief to have it done just before the week-end. It might have been a bit uncomfortable if I had had to call all these nice people at home.


SandyCarlson said...

Your autodesk posts are the Everyman's Struggle with Software in a Big Anonymous Computer World. You voice all our stories! Wow. I wish things went more easily.

thyme said...

Thanks! Things certainly went a lot smoother once I started to get to know the names of some people! In a way this has been a good effect, one small victory over anonimity :-)

Dick said...

Let's hope it will continue to work properly, it is not funny to install a computer again and again.
I don't use complicated software like yours.

thyme said...

I hope so too.. I don't see what I could invent next to mess it up again, I think I already went through the whole scala.
It works beautifully now, very fast. As long as I stick to "no firewall = no internet" it will be fine.

Pietro said...

Too much complicated software, Thyme!
I think we must always remember, before installing a new program, to create a recovery point! :-)

thyme said...

Hi Pietro. In most cases you would be correct. Unfortunately system restore did not work in this case either!

thyme said...

Hoi Henry, Ik heb een half jaar geleden een OEM versie XP 64 gekocht, het was goedkoper dan Vista. Erg veel mensen klagen over vista. XP is super snel. Inderdaad kan ik meer geheugen aansturen en alle drivers die mijn laptop nodig heeft heb ik al via Dell van het internet gehaald. Autocad 2006 en Inventor 2008 werken er prima op, de meeste programma's trouwens, alleen norton niet. Volgens mij is het een boycot. Alles dat ik nodig heb heb ik verder gewoon kunnen installeren.

Indrani said...

Reinstalling for fourth time? I was wondering about the magnitude of complication of the software.

thyme said...

Hi Indrani, True, XP x64 helps complicate things. But I still prefer XP over Vista.