Magic mushrooms will be illegal here as of the 1st of December. Or rather: cultivating and selling them to tourists will be illegal. Non-tourists as well, probably. The reason for this is that people, especially tourists, are displaying an increasing tendency to jump out of windows and off bridges when under the influence. I remember that we used to warn each other that LSD and mushrooms would make you "want to jump", "think you can fly". No-one that I knew ever jumped. Have people stopped warning each other or have they stopped listening?

I don't quite understand this magic mushroom hype. Why do all these tourists need to come here to buy mushrooms when those psylo's are native in allmost all of Europe? When I was young I first heard from them in England, from people who went looking for them every autumn in the forest. Today it seems to have grown a bit out of hand. When I was 17-18 I have taken the mushrooms twice. The first time was wonderful, I took them together with my boyfriend, we were in love, it was perfect, we felt hyper-alive, radiating with energy, everything was paradise. The second time I don't remember very well, except it was dark, I felt alone, every effort was senseless, and I felt disconnected from the other people in the room. I saw strange patterns on the wall and I couldn't think straight. It wasn't a good experience and I never took them again.

On the internet I read messages from people who seem to take them regularly. Some people seem to want to turn their brains into a mushy spectrum of fractals on a weekly basis. That doesn't seem healthy to me.

I had an opinion on this, but it seems to be evading me. Just when I think I have got it again, it turns around and slips away.


  1. Agree with you: ppl stopped warning each other plus listening others. However I'm not that kinda. If needed then I just go for giving a warning. As for freedom, its coverage shows a wide spectrum on country base. Here in Turquie, a different and complicated story to tell later, lol:)
    Anyway, you can always drop me a line if you need a friendly ear, I'm a very good listener:)

    100 points for the sketch, xtra nice.

  2. Thank you for your compliment!
    I know, there is a wide range in the levels of freedom people have in various countries and also in what a person experiences as freedom. Many laws can be inhibiting, then on the other hand they can mean protection. As long as the laws sincerely have the best interest of people in mind they are not necessarily a loss of freedom.

  3. I have never tried things like that and I have no plans to do, but never say never.
    Maybe the bad experience was good for you because it was bad!!!!!!
    I think it would be better to have an European drug policy, the same laws everywhere.

  4. You are right, like with the interest rates and deposit guarantees, if they are the same everywhere then people don't go running from one country to another. But ... laws should be realistic. It is difficult to maintain the "justice" of forbidding something that is natural, some things should be left to the judgement of the people. Is it forbidden to eat poisoned berries too?

    I think the mushrooms are harmless when people do not indulge in them. The experience that I had did not have everything to do with the mushrooms, but they brought me in a state that I was more aware of my feelings.
    They should be treated with some respect, not be taken like a party drug.

  5. mushies might be natural and better than the synthetic drugs on the market now, but getting off on strychnine ( rat poison ) doesn't seem appealing to me. Like everything educate not legislate - inform people amd let them make their own decisions


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