Thursday, November 20, 2008

how to do a tattoo

What came before: the superkid had his flu shot. He experienced an excruciating pain in his left arm, and his arm was now paralyzed. (He said.) Then he found an old stick on tattoo.

how to do a tattoo
press it
pull it
draw it


Wetland said...

you draw the dragon on his arm?

thyme said...

Yes! With the eye in the spot where the needle went :-))

Wetland said...

Nice !

and nice sketchs :)

SandyCarlson said...

I know the frustration of those tattoos! What a great post. I am sure your work is far superior!

Ann-Mi said...

I remember those tattoos. Last time I used one was this year, but the tattoo was from the early 90's. It wasn't too old.

But I remember sometimes having failed tattooing myself as a kid because I accidentally glued the tattoo to the protective paper instead of to my own arm.