Sunday, November 23, 2008


I haven't actually seen much of it yet other than looking out of the window. It has been grey, not very inviting to go out and I have been working. Maybe the snow will still be there tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I do not know what to do tomorrow morning with all the snow on the road. To dangerous to go with my motorbike, but driving a car is also dangerous for me in the snow. I'm not use to it driving in those conditions. And there is a traffic warning out for tomorrowmorning.
Traffic jams and all that stuff.


thyme said...

Can't you ask them to mail you your drawings and work from home?
Don't take the motorcycle on any account, much too dangerous!

SandyCarlson said...

We are promised snow for tomorrow. I hope it comes. Here it is like special holiday yet like a whole new adventure. I love it.

Wetland said...

Tu en as de la chance ! La neige me manque ! (on vient juste d'avoir une averse de grêle..)
J'espère qu'on en aura un ou deux jours cette année ! L'occasion de faire quelques photos.

D'ailleurs il y en a quelques unes pour toi sur mon blog!

Indrani said...

I was beginning to wish for snow(which we never get here)seeing the lovely drawings.But after seeing the first two comments here, I wished it would not snow so hard there.

Take care!

thyme said...

Thanks for your comments all!
The snow is already gone. Yesterday evening it started to rain and all the snow melted away except a few minuscule patches in the grass and on the roof tops. Fortunately for the traffic and for the moms who have to clean up the mess in the hallways, unfortunately for the kids!

Dick said...

De sneeuw is hier nog steeds, weliswaar een heel dun laagje maar ondanks de zon is het er nog.

Pietro said...

We have no snow, for time being. Now in the mountains snow is over 2000m.
Beautiful red and purple!

Anonymous said...

i'm a lucky man.
No snow this morning, only pourring rain. No traffic jams, only free high way.
And in the late afternoon beautiful sunshine.
I'm having a good time on my motor bike.


Ann-Mi said...

It seemed like it was International Snow Everywhere weekend in all of Europe.
I love the delicate lines of the tree and the texture of the snow. Reminds me of those traditional Chinese ricepaper paintings.

Nihal said...

We were expecting snow by the late weekend but our weather bureau failed:( I love most the blue and white. All my lovely stuff was ready to play snowball... *sigh*
Liked these sketches very much! Enough cute, esp the one in red vs white, cool contrast:)