socks again

One moment you are quietly watching the tv

...mountain of work

Summary of the previous episode: The superkid and I had agreed that he fold the laundry. The socks proved difficult.

This time he surprised himself. I started to believe that I must have explained better than I thought, but then he showed me his (new) method.

Neatly roll one sock, starting at one of the ends. Then roll the other sock around it, starting with the toe (only unfortunately when he was demonstrating it to me he forgot to start at the toe, twice. But the third time worked.) then when it is completely rolled, open the sleeve and fold it around the ball! All done!

The superkids younger brother (I am instructed to say this)
He even found a third method: just stuff one sock into the other but let's not go there. He ended up doing all the socks, I did the rest.


  1. Most excellent. Socks are the bane of our existence, too! Must try the technique here.


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