I'm dreaming of a bath...

This house doesn't really have a bathroom. I call it the bath closet. This is a plan view of the ground floor, where the bathroom is. The house only has one bathroom.

It is like a broom closet where the cleaning ustensils are and there is a small sized bath in it, which is so old that the enamel has become rough and is hard to clean.

The toilet space is too small to have a fountain sink. The bathroom doesn't have room for a wash basin either. In fact, I have to hang my towel on the coat rack.

There is a little bit of hallway in between the bathroom and the toilet now. If the doors are broken out and a new door is built to the hallway, toilet and bath can be in one room and there will be a little bit of space for a wash basin and a piece of furniture to hang up a towel. We wouldn't need to dress in the hallway any more. Luxury!

I absolutely want there to be a bath in it, not just a shower. But the smallest standard sized baths sold in the netherlands are 160 long and 70 cm wide, which is too big for this narrow space. The new bath could be the the same size the old bath is, but with new smooth enamel that can be cleaned without spending thirty minutes every evening scrubbing and sweating - not that I ever tried, but I guess the grime might come off if I did. The usual weekly light wipe down doesn't do the trick.

My bath is dirty, I need a new one...

Everything can be found on the internet. As long as you know how to use language. It is true. But it didn't work straight away. I started Googling for the dutch word "zitbad" (hip bath?) and found only shoe type baths. I don't want a shoe bath, I want my bath to hold the maximum amount of water the tiny space can hold and to be able to curl up in it, unhindered by bumps and extremities that are not mine own. So then I tried "small bath" and learned about various sized swimming pools. Next I tried "bath 100x70cm", since that is the size I want. I found plastic baby baths and paintings of bathing people in frames sized 100x70. Then, I tried in French. Et voilá.

I have my hopes up again. It may take a trip to France, but I will have my bathroom.


  1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and joyful holiday season to you and yours. Trip to France today? Bon voyage if you head the road, take care.

  2. Cést une bonne idée! Tu peux aussi mettre ici ta machine à laver. Les couleurs sont aussi très belles. Mes compliments! Hoe lang gaat 't duren?

  3. I hope you get the tub of your dreams! Nothing is better than a good soak in the tub. My tub is unimpressive, but it holds the water and it holds me.

  4. I hope you can have soon your bathroom exactly as you like it.

  5. Both situations look very familiar to me. I also had a small area with 3 doors. Via an entry a doore to the right for a toilet and one to the left for a shower and a sink. I was fed-up with all those doors and took the inner 2 out and made it one large showerroom of 0,9wide and 3,6 meter long. Now my sink can be used as a fountain.

    My space is too narrow for a bath but thats no problem. I don't like baths. I always shower before and after bading. And showering in a bath means that the bottom has to be flat which is not so nice for sitting in a bath. The advantege is that I have now one floor and that reduces the time of cleaning.

    Good luck with your plan. And the best wishes for Christmas.

  6. Een beetje moeilijk om daar een bad in te krijgen, maar de aanhouder wint, hahaha.
    Vrolijk Kerstfeest.


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