Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas trees

Green fuzzy watercolour tree

Symmetrical 3D Autocad tree

Fireworks tree

Cool blue tree

Tipsy tree with camouflaged ninja in the background (FAIL)

(click on the images to get to the videos)

Cellar fridge temperature today: +5°C


Pietro said...

Five beautiful compositions, Thyme.
It's a great sequence for Christmas.
No, no, it' not a photo of me the Santa Claus in my today's post... Those climbing Santa Claus are puppets which are widespread on the buildings here in Turin. I am thinner and taller, I wear glasses, I'm without a beard...
Happy Christmas! :-)

Dick said...

wow, thanks for all those beautiful Christmas trees.

SandyCarlson said...

These are lots of fun.

thyme said...

Pietro: I was joking, we have the little burglar-Father Christmasses too :-D
Somehow I am not very surprised that you are taller and skinnier than that ^_^

Dick: you are welcome :)

Sandy: thank you, enjoy!

Nihal said...

Heyyy thyme, wonderful wonderful drawings they are. I'm drawn to especially cool blue one. Oh I admit that I'm for where innovation is:)

Indrani said...

All of them are so beautiful!
Hope you had a Happy Christmas!