plat land (one for Sandy)

Kralingse Plas


  1. Kralingse Plas (recreation area with lake) sounds so nice, romantic, quiet and relaxing... so beautiful-view.. is it where you live nearby Thyme? You go even for cycling? Oh how much I missed Rotterdam...
    PS This is great to cheer up your blog, I mean a few colorful photos hidden your sketches give another taste -if you ask me:) I also love your flickr photos on your sidebar!


  2. You live there?! It is such a beautiful place. All your adventures happen there I am guessing.

  3. Dit vind ik een heel mooie foto! Ik heb goede herinneringen aan de K.P

  4. Very nice, I like the title "plat land", great.

  5. Beautiful photograph, Thyme. It inspires me some sadness (perhaps I am inclined to sadness?...).

  6. Nihal: I passed it on the way to Rinke's school. did you visit Rotterdam? Glad to hear you liked it!

    Indrani: I live near Rotterdam. I liked this view because the land is so close to the water. you'd never think you are in the middle of the city.

    Readerwil; ja ik ook!

    Dick: it is very flat isn't it? Almost as flat as the water!

    Pietro: It must be the grey. Thre streets and the villages are even more grey than this picture, on cloudy days.
    That must be why the benevolent Saint Nicholas and his colourful friends are so popular here at this time of year :-)

  7. I love this photo. The greys have taken over! I find these muted pallets so appealing

  8. Thyme, Yes I visited your beautiful country end-to-end, west to east:) Rotterdam is where I loved really. But my mind is still in your countryside and small fishing villages... so cute so natural so peaceful residing areas: nothing boring like crowded or traffic jam..
    After Istanbul your country was refreshing for me:) I had bought a Dutch cooking book as I loved your local cuisine and foods!


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