This a typical example of why I like to listen to the French, but prefer to speak the English:

Français - sensation de démangeaison;
English - itch


  1. Maybe French is too baroque for you?

  2. Oui mais ça te gratouille ou ça te chatouille?

  3. 'Jeuk' is ook lekker simpel. :-)

  4. Got it! That's funny. English lacks the music but gets straight to the point. Great when we can get straight to the itch, too!

  5. I found a little Youtube video from Ugly Betty, with French voiceovers. What is hilarious is how the actors already finished talking while the voiceovers are only halfway through their text, and they are already doing three times more words the minute!

    But Seb the Wetland has a point too.. it could be an itch but it might be a tickle and then maybe it would be nice to make it last

  6. Il y a surtout un gros décalage du son dans cette vidéo ! Le son est en retard d'une seconde ! Le doublage n'est pas aussi mal fait en france quand même ! :) (Même si rien ne vaut la VO)


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