upside down genetics

He: Hey mom, we're like a two headed dragon.

Me: With a pimple on its chins.

He: I had a pimple first and now you have one! It must be hereditary... but the wrong way round. You know... upside down ...

Me: ... (grabs some more chocolate) ... when are you going to give me the other shoe? Maybe somewhere around Christmas?


  1. Yours ketches are so good that I feel like pulling cheeks. :)

  2. I love the drawing! You capture joy in those eyes.

    The shoe looks delicious.

  3. Hey Thyme, thanks for visiting my blog today. I love how you illustrate each entry.

    Poor you and your son with your pimples! Hope they don't last long.

  4. Beautiful sketch! I hope they are temporary chocolate pimples! :-)


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