back to school - or not

As it turns out he has another day free.

He said; "See, mom, I thought so, vacation never ends on a Monday."

It's true, his vacations often end on a Tuesday. But it didn't say in the book, how am I supposed to know?! Fortunately I didn't have anything planned. At least we got to practise getting up early. And ouf, it hurt!


  1. I came over from your mom whose blog I love! I love your drawings. That is too funny that you ran a practice session today. Sounds like something I would do.

  2. The schools have reopened and i have some time for myself. :)

  3. Perhaps today? We had a delay because of freezing rain. And tomorrow, more of same. Today, alas, a full day of school for the daughter and work for me.

  4. Today the school taxi was 45 minutes late and it was freezing minus 7°C, not fun!


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