the Gaza, the Gazprom and the Naftogaz

The superkid has a friend on hyves (a social network like Facebook, but basically Dutch) who seems to log on once a week, read through all his comments - new ones and old ones - and then answers them all. He stops by the superkids hyves page once a week and says "none".

"None" is the answer to the question "how many invites have you" that the superkid asked him a few weeks ago. Of course, this question, like most other questions, could well have a different answer each week so it isn't such a crazy thing to do, if you think about it really really hard... and really really earnestly...

Actually when the superkid asked his question, he was a bit lazy and forgot to type out the last bit of the sentence which was "sent me?". To which the answer was "about twenty". He kept on sending untill one got accepted.

I laughed, but the boy is dead serious I know. I met him once. He and the superkid are class mates. He is in a wheelchair.

Intelligence is a very fluid medium. Now you see it, now you don't. Especially in my child it is evasive. Yesterday I told him to wash his hair. He came out of the bathroom head slightly moist and still as greasy as it was before he went in, so I offered to help him. "Am I a baby?" he asked. Apparently yes! A sixteen year old baby. And then he said: "But head lice like clean hair", and laughed.


  1. That's funny about the greasy hair. I will tell my daughter lice like dirty hair and see if it works!

    Intelligence is indeed tap water and shampoo.

  2. I'd say a very well-known quotation from our own culture, it is 'Intelligence is a taxation from God.' We say this also for the beauty. Indeed both are the qualities given only by God.

  3. Which is the definition of intelligence? :-)

  4. Never trust GazaPromizez.

    I prefer 'wise' over 'intelligence'. Israel and Palestine may have intelligent people, but their escalating 'I 4 an I'-mentallity is blocking any wise solutions.

  5. He is right: head lice like clean hair! So better to leave it greasy and smelly.LOL


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