spring is in the air, summer is near

Hey I'm allowed to dream, aren't I?



  1. Plus que quelques jours a attendre !
    enfin quelques dizaines, voir une bonne centaine... :)

  2. Ha Ha Ha.... Inspired by my post ?

  3. I love the way you dream. It's fun to watch you draw!

  4. Ohhh, I saw it three times! It's so quick in charging and then it plays in one go!!!
    Beautiful drawing, nice colors!

  5. Yes, this graffiti gadget at facebook would be my thing, but which is the right procedure to get it? I go to the site facebook and just download the gadget? And then the gadget will be ready-to-use in my hard-disc?

  6. It can not be downloaded, but it can be used offline, I tried and disconnected before starting to draw. Then I had to connect again before clicking "done", but otherwise everything works.

    I think you need to have a facebook account to be able to use it. After completing the graffiti you can choose to "embed" the code, copy it into a blogpost like the one here, so the drawings are not limited to facebook.

  7. Excellent!

    I watched this with great interest because I have done this with movie cameras and television cameras but never the same way. I used to make these kinds of movies to show how to write medieval lettering styles and was paid for each video. Then I had them made over onto CDs and finally they are not available nowadays.

    I was pleased to see your name on my birds blog this morning.

    Thanks for the visit.

  8. I'm back from the snowy mountains
    And i like your movie a lot.
    It's darn good if I may say so.
    I'm very anxious to see more to come.

    hang loose dude

  9. Thanks, Thyme. I think it's the software of the gadget that creates the movement and the progression of the drawing, isn't it?

  10. Hey surfer :-) let me guess.. you just want to see more of the surf board ^_^

    Pietro: I can only guess at how it works exactly, but I think it is a flash gadget and the software is very simple, it catches a number of variables in the memory of your computer, comprising the position, size and colour of the cursor, and saves the end result to an image format. I have made a very few Flash games myself and I globally know the way they work, but not how this one works exactly.

    I tried to Google for how it works but didn't find the answer.

  11. It's strange indeed: but, when you make the graffiti do you make only one drawing? Or you make all the various steps of the same drawing???
    (I don't know if I have made myself understood)

  12. The software records the process of the making of the drawing. I am not sure if I understand your question correctly because there are two ways to understand it - 1. yes I only make the drawing once and the software (a flash movie) records every step - 2. I am not exactly sure how the flash movie works, but I think it only has one scene with one frame, and the scene is filled by the position of the cursor while drawing (position and other characteristics like size, opacity and colour). The subsequent position of the cursor (with it's correcponding characteristics) are recorded and saved with the data of the movie. About this part I can not be completely sure because it isn't me who made the movie.

    The actual sofware is on a server connected with the internet, not on your computer, but as long as you are connected to the internet while you start the drawing, you can disconnect (and use the phone) while doing the actual drawing. It saves the data of the drawing in a temporary file in memory of your computer. If you want to preserve the drawing and the recording of the drawing process you need to connect to the internet before clicking "done".


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