the A startupsidedown problem

I've not been sketching in a while and now I suddenly found that the shortcut to my sketch program had disappeared. Windows can remove unused shortcuts but I got it to stop doing that a long time ago, this must be different. The thing is: I use Painter Classic which is built for older computers with less memory. If it sees more memory than it can handle it gets confused and thinks there is not enough. Fortunately some clever person on the other side of the internet had this problem long before I did and he made a fix, a little executable that if started wakes up Painter Classic and tells it a little white lie when it asks how much memory is installed. Perfect. But now that I haven't used it for a while it suddenly disappeared! I suspect Norton removed it because it wasn't digitally signed. Or this program defines a new class of software ... the perfect well-behaved little anti-virus, fixing problems in your regular programs and when they no longer feel needed they delete themselves....

When I finally got everything up and ready to go, my tablet acted up by going left when I went right...
untill I found that I had it upside down.

Without a regular job I find myself more busy than with one. I still have the odd jobs for my American friends. I'm not sure if developments in the market for recycled materials will allow for me to work uniquely for them for a long time, but at the moment I am not too worried yet. At least the Americans pay up. The last three months they have been my bread and butter even though the invoices to my other client where three times as much... I still haven't got paid for october! Money in the bank is better than money in the mail...


  1. That's a pity! I told everybody so: computers have a mind of their own. They are pigheaded sometimes.

  2. Awww... after a long gap the computer's sketch program has forgotten you? ;)
    Nice sketch! Hope your money gets transferred to your account soon.

  3. Readerwil: but I put it back :-)

    Indrani, yes, it was very funny! Well they have paid me for october, now it is only november, december and januari... :-\
    But everyone I talk to has the same problem!

  4. ROFL @ your tablet being upside down because you sound so much

    I know what you mean about money in the bank vs. money in the mail. My husband has his own business and the checks keep coming later and later than promised. Things are getting tougher.

    I love your drawings. Glad you got it working again.

  5. Your computer problems are surreal nightmares. Imagine evaluating your usefulness and then deleting yourself? Kind of creepy. Maybe it's hiding and will come back.

  6. Nice drawing! Computers sometimes are unpredictable but I think (joking or not...) less than people are!

  7. Not Norton ! no !!! :)

    Une source de revenu est toujours une source de revenu et est toujours bon à prendre ! en plus le recyclage, c'est un bon domaine en ce moment !

  8. lol @ wetland ... oui je pense bien, plus que notre societé consume, plus elle reconna^tra la valeur de la propreté et de nettoyer tel qu'on salit.

    @ Pietro, that is what I think too!

    @ Sandy - surreal yes, nightmare no, at least they get solved, my nightmares rarely do ;-)

    @ SMB glad to give you a laugh :-)

  9. Thyme, I'm very sad to hear you lost your job:( Wish there could be anything I do for you.. But all I can is I'll keep ya in my prayers.
    Oh turkish, I'm so happy a few of words give a good sense:) Yeap, I do like dancing with words, and too be serious is not my style all the time -exp working & meeting hrs of course. I just feel myself kind of free when writing in my little space, and can directly reflect my innerside. So you now know me:)
    I once were a parttime private teacher only on weekends, turkish to japanese, jap to tur for japanese here -pouh another story to talk later. If you were here, then I'd love to teach it. You're so 'smart', it's indeed sing-song language, perfect finding!
    Well, stay strong and don't let yr morale go down. Better days so soon, I just feel it. (((Hugs)))

  10. Nihal, I am a freelancer don't worry about me. I still have work. just not regular business as it was the last three years. Actually I am a bit relieved to have some more time to myself and away from the computer!


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