I have mounted all the doors, boards and panels but two, and oiled the counter. Two panels and then there is nothing more to do except some cleaning and tidying - which i find can usually wait.. because if I do it now I will still have to do it next week, so I might just as well not do it now but just do it next week, saves me half the trouble!

OK, just a little bit of tidying.

And now I need to wait for the tiler/carpenter to come back and finish the job.

I can only reach the bottom shelves. But yes, I really really need the storage space! I need some neat and elegant little steps to stand on instead of the chair, something that won't say "this kitchen is too high" but that will so obviously be made to be stood on while reaching for high shelves and in the mean time so pretty and modern and cool that you'd build your cupboards too high with the express purpose of getting one too.

And this is absolutely the most practical way to store plates. No doubt about it.


  1. I love your cleaning and tidying philosophy; It is one that I share with you.

    An Arkies Musings

  2. Impressive! (Tidying can ALWAYS wait!)

  3. Hey, this is coming up really well. Almost coming to a grand finish!

  4. Bravo Thyme! You're done in the possible perfect way.
    Waiting for tiler? Me too, me too;) I'm curious about your tiles, don't forget to snap a shot and share -if possible and different from green ones:)

    ps. Remember -my love of ceramics and design:)

    Buon week-end chere~


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