what's cooking...

The superkid: "I thought you wanted black cupboards, these are all white!"
And, looking for the sugar: "Ever since we have the new kitchen, I can't find a thing back here."

I feel like I have been to the gym. Like I have been paying lots of money to work my own ass off... Assembled 8 cupboards, it took till after midnight. I didn't cause a lot of permanent damage, only dropped something twice. I hate dropping things and chipping bits off. But as they say in Russia: you need to break eggs and chip board and pierce the occasional bit of temporarily unprotected insulation if you want a beautiful kitchen.

It is really amazing how after a while all the pieces fall into place and it becomes less and less neceassary to consult the manual. In moments like this, I find it reassuring that my brain is wired the same way some other peoples brains are wired, and the things the designers of this puzzle came up with start to appear natural to me. The mathematical beauty of it... I hope I will still feel this way near the end, when I will inevitably be riddled, irritated and confused by bits that won't go anywhere and other bits that are missing.


  1. I am glad it is coming together for you. I hope Super Kid gets acclimated soon!

  2. So that's what they say in Russia. LOL I hope the Super Kid was able to find the sugar.

  3. Ah, your nice photo makes me smile! (You really have mice?...)
    I begin the day in cheerfulness! :-)

  4. Ah ! so many of those lovely (eeeeek) creatures out there. Do you really have them ?

  5. There was one mouse. He lived under the kitchen cupboards. I found some turds, no nest. There are some holes there giving access to the space under the floor, and the space under the floor leads to the Great Outdoors. I never found any traces of mice in my kitchen cupboards, he probably only sleeps under the floor in the winter and hunts outside.


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