Twitter - what's the buzz / losing my memory

No-one I know is even on Twitter. Except two people I met a gazillion centuries ago and never stayed in touch with. Journalists.

Journalists make a life out of periodically saying something even if it is nothing.

If I would have twittered my day yesterday it would have gone like this:

... (nothing) (because my computer didn't start up)

... (still nothing) (it only emitted a series of beeps)

... (long beeps) (six) ...

Didn't start up at all. The fans came on, but there it stopped, dead - just six very long beeps then nothing at all. Helpless.

OK to be honest I then did go online with my other computer and searched the forums for "computer won't start, beeps". There I found that it was A: without a doubt a hardware problem B: beeps are Bios code C: could be the CPU / motherboard / fans / memory / lots of words I don't know and can't remember D: how to take out the CMOS battery (which did not help)

One of the posters asking about the same problem told the forum visitors that he was asking them before giving up and forking over his money to the "geek squad". I expected one of the replies to say "we are the geek squad" but no, they simply told him, the answer. Sort of. I can't really remember if the answer was there, all the stuff I read seemed hopelessly more complicated than what I had to do to fix it.

After opening the case I took the memory banks out of their slots one by one, starting with the old ones, and that did it. It has two 1GB banks (new) and two 512B banks (old). One of the 512MB banks is defective. If I leave it out the computer starts up. It now has 2.5 GB of memory installed, which is funny because I thought memory banks always need to be installed in pairs, and if I take one 512MB bank out it would not see the other one any more. But it still does.


  1. I'm on Twitter! @kingofankh

    Look through who is following me, quite a few old bloggers are there if you are interested. Otherwise why don't you follow a few celebs, some of the comedians are actually quite funny sometimes.

  2. Twitter is another phenomenon I am the last to catch up on, it seems! I tried Facebook for a while but it felt so much like being in high school again that I ditched it. Fun post.

  3. @kingofankh : Found you!

    @Sandy : I know! I missed you :-)

  4. I would never dare to open the case and take the memory banks out of their slots.....
    Have a good weekend!

  5. I stay away from chat-stuff and twitter (like MSN) is one of them. I did that 20 years ago on 27Mc. Which was far more sophisticated. No typing, but talking. But done that and it consumes too much time. So I skip twitter. Which is infact a chat and stalking system.

    I don't like Facebook and Hyves either. That's just a friend-collecting system. I do not need the internet to collect friends. Both CMS'es are poor. Web-log grants me more (HTML and JavaScript) freedom and has no fence for visitors. Both systems are more for little children and their protective parents.

  6. @Pietro : well I put two of the four in there in the first place, that makes a bit of a difference :-) it is not really hard, but when I did that I searched por photos and tutorials to show me how to do it and that helped!

    @Xiwel : I don't like Hyves, but Ive gotten used to Facebook. I mostly let it sit there and occasionally something fun happens. I'll explore this Twitter thingy :-)

  7. I think you ARE the geek squad. I'm so impressed. PS. I twitter.

  8. I'm afraid I'm not kinda rich one to share my counted hours w/ the world. Somethings should be kept privately, no;)

    Good luck on your famous Twitter adventure:)


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