abandoning the premises

I am leaving it like this for the moment. Be honest, there must be plenty over-educated overpaid underemployed academics out there willing to lay down tons of money for this stonewashed look in interior decorating. Very modern. Sanding causes a terrible mess, but as you can see, it is worth every bit of it.

Out. Goodbye!


  1. Ah, the distressed look! Distressing what a mess sanding makes. Your work is impressive.

  2. Let me know how SK does with golf

  3. I like the distressed look. Not all of it but most. Shabby chic. Or is that an out-dated term?

    Have a great time with your friends.

  4. Have a very good evening.
    I am tempted to install Google Chrome: have you seen the button on Google main page? :-)


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