licht... tegenlicht

The golf lesson was a slamming success with the superkid. We even managed to hit a couple of balls, one of mine must have made 50 meters, I just couldn't exactly track in which direction. For reference, the pro did about 240 easily.

The superkid loved it. Fortunately the weather cleared halfway the afternoon and it wasn't raining any more when we walked there. Unfortunately I had miscalculated the time it would take to walk two kilometers.. Google maps had erroneously told me that if we took the long route of 5 km that would take 9 minutes to walk. Windows Live sent me in completely the other direction. None of the walking tracks between here and the golf course are even on there. I knew that it would be around 2 kilometers taking the short way, calculating with the sk's lack of exercise I went with Google maps estimate of 9 minutes. We left 20 minutes ahead of time. Only when I looked at my clock 10 minutes later, I realized Google maps had been way off, and 9 minutes might be what it would take to travel a distance of 5 kms by bike, not foot, unless you are a very fast runner. That's what I get for following directions.


  1. Taper dans des balles me manque ! Va vraiment falloir que je retourne au practice essayer mes nouveaux clubs :)

    Welcome to the golf's world !

  2. Google maps can keep us hopping! I think it's a covert fitness program or something. Have had the experience and done the running.

  3. Golf is a relaxing sport, isn't it? And there is much to walk...
    About Google, today Google logo is written in Morse code: have you seen? It's very nice!

  4. Too bad about the Google map directions. But you are enjoying golf, aren't you?

  5. Google maps have done me wrong in the past too. I'm glad you had a good time and golf is such a great sport for bonding.....and swearing. LOL

  6. Thyme,
    There is a better programme that is really great! If you download this into your mobile, then it will say you how to get where you like. Which allows you also to mark all your POI's (=point of interests) such as golf area, museums, etc.. both in home and abroad:

    It never gets wrong! Highly advisable.

  7. Goede morgen Thyme:)
    Rec'd your note w/ tks.
    Glad to see that this cute Tracky will be a great helper for your all kind of outdoor activities:)
    If you want to d/load test version, you'd see it doesn't work properly. You've to buy it, like us. Ist'l such a chaotic & crazy crowded city, but with this prg city sightseeing becomes so tasteful, easier and time saving. A few wks ago my friend went to Italia, and this prg gave him lots of benefits as told above.

    Now- you'll like to hear this: the software company of this prg is there:) A Dutch Comp. Cheers:) Guys you are really great!


  8. Just checked that tracky, and they use the same TeleAtlas maps as maps.Google. Many cycling and footpath's are unfortunately missing.

    I checked the Google speed in pedastrianmode and it tells me that 1,2km = 14 minutes. = 5km/h. I walk a little bit faster and use 1 minute per 0,1 km.

    Check with for smaller paths. That's just a silly card and has no navigation stuff.

  9. Tracky sounds good because it is supposed to let you record routes! that is something I have always wished TomTom would do.
    Google maps in satellite view works fantastic actually, except it does not give drections.

    I will check out sounds good.

    The best navigation software for walking I think is Garmin, but it is expensive like TomTom, and I am not familiar with it and how to get it on my phone.

  10. I've found that Google maps usually over estimate the time it takes to drive but I have no idea about walking. At least you had fun.


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