What the internet does not tell you about Zelliges - oh wait, here it is

If the website says bumpy, they mean top, side and bottom, and they forgot to mention the indentations.

If they say thickness may vary by 1.5 mm, they mean thickness will vary by 5 mm occasionally plus your tile can be flat, curved or hollow.

If they say try to minimize sharp edges, they mean there will be sharp edges whatever you do. Do not expect baby-smoothness and take extra care while placing them. Zelliges are tricky.

But you may still love them. I certainly do.

I helped the tiler because he wished to spend this Christmas with his family. Easter too, if possible. So I pasted while he cut. Pasting isn't that difficult if you take it easy, but I tried cutting a few as well and failed miserably in spite of what the tilerman said about all those other people who complain about the difficulty of cutting tiles "they probably don't have this cutter" pointing at his machine. Well I tried, and it really wasn't the cutter making the difference, it was Himself.

My tiler is old, and he rocks.


  1. Green is my favorite color. I think I could cook some very nice meals indeed in there . . .

  2. Ca donne un bon rendu !
    Tu as une très jolie cuisine maintenant ! bravo !

  3. He may rock but you do too. The kitchen looks fabulous! Pat yourself on the back. You did a great job.

  4. You and the tiler rocking together must have been some sight! Looks great.

  5. Ah! Green!
    Now I am green with envy. ;)

    Ha... ha... Sandy, you rock too with that comment.

  6. I always like the work done in old hands, look at your kitchen. My thesis is proved once again.

    Freshly springly kitchen tiled in petit green squares, Thyme. I like it.

  7. The tiled wall is excellent, with a smart green color. Your kitchen has turned out well, it's really nice.
    About our ski season, it seems endless, in this exceptional year: Sunday I was amazed to see at 1300m still a perfect snow and all the chair lifts working!

  8. The tile work is beautiful. Your kitchen would make me very happy.

    Thanks for your comment about my oak tree. It is really tall. My deck is built around it. Every year we have to cut away more of the deck to make room for it. One day it will take up most of the space.

  9. Wow, I love the look!

    Yup, yup! I just had to wander back here to see what you have been up to. : )

  10. Also to you and your family my best wishes of a very good Easter. :-)

  11. I still got dark green tiles from the previous inhabitant. I only replaced the cupboards, the sink etc, but left the tiles for later. (which isn't yet yet :-). My tiles are much smoother and every one in 5 has an embedded flower. Those are harder to clean. Your tiles may be even worse where cleaning is concerned.

  12. I LOVE that tile. Are Zelliges a local specialty? I'm intrigued.


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