Life is a can of wasabi peanuts

I have a confession to make, I am a horrible person with a temper like from hell. I shout at people when I get angry, even in public. I shout at people I don't know when I don't like what they do in traffic.

This afternoon I went skating, and a cyclist rang his bell at me when passing me downhill. I hate when they do that, because they don't seem to realize that braking for me is not easy and I need a lot of space. Yes, I take up half the road, but what's wrong with you using the other half, do you REALLY need to be on the same side I am?

My temper exploded, I flipped him off, he passed me and flipped me off, and then I shouted after him to slow down coward if you dare and we can talk about it, and he did. Then he proceeded to tell me about his hobby: from 1972 he has followed all the Italian giros. On his computer he has 37 Excel files with the names of all the racers and their ranks. It is a complicated hobby because the media sometimes contradict each other.

Ha. I feel strangely empowered. To yell at people in public and then get them tell you about their hobbies, that's a result.

Wasabi peanuts. I have said it before and I will say it again. Life is not a box of chocolates. It is more like a can of wasabi peanuts.


  1. Wasbabi is japanse mosterd. Wasabi pinda's zijn pinda's met een jasje van wasabi. Heel heet aan de buitenkant.

  2. I laughed myself silly with this. I love it that you got him to tell you about his hobby after flipping him off. You are brilliant!

    About the slaw. You may already know this but I felt I must clarify. Americans do call salad, salad. Slaw is a type of salad. Usually shredded cabbage with a mayonnaise based dressing and it is called coleslaw. I'm not even sure if everyone would shorten it to slaw as I have. If you've read about my mother, Lucy, you know we have a lot of words we use in my family that aren't necessarily real words but words and phrases Lucy made up. Just saying: I'm the last person you should look to when wanting to improve your "American" English.

    I haven't been on twitter lately but I've missed you.

  3. Don't worry, but thanks ...
    I know about coleslaw. We call it "koolsla", and cabbage is "kool" (red cabbage = rode kool, chinese cabbage = chinese kool... etc.) I have no idea why in America cabbage is cabbage untill it is used in a salad and then it suddenly sounds like Dutch, but you see the pattern?

    And I disagree about your family as a source to improve my American English, I love the expressions they make up :)

  4. OK, now I see that we are "toredder algetty" = together already.
    At this rate, I'll be speaking Dutch in no time. At least Dutch food. LOL

  5. You make me laugh! That turned around nicely! Life is nuts; you're right.

  6. After the "battle" you became almost friends, and that's really good: isn't it? :-)
    About the image of my post, it's a photo taken 1/5/2009 at the height of 1300m. In the picture you can see what remains of a very crowded (during the skiing season) ski run!

  7. How DID you start talking about his hobby? I'm really curious.

    I lose my temper too often. It kind of depresses me...

  8. :D

    Reminded me of my bumping in to a car ahead of me. The driver, smiled and waved at me. I couldn't understand.

  9. Great story...

    Here in Honduras...
    If you flip a bird...
    Likely to get shot...
    Had to work on my temper as a precaution...

  10. Oh so funny to read your adventures in the town:)
    As summarized very good, life is not a box of chocolates. But not more like a can of wasabi peanuts if I think of myself. Tempers and living conditions can differ one to another. Esp its getting harder in today's conditions.

    Glad end of story closed so good:) Did you uncork a bottle of wine at home?

    Stay safe, greetings~



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