pure black and bittersweet

What I really wanted for my birthday was a big black oversized garbage bag, and to take it around my house and fill it up with all the useless presents that anyone ever gave me in the past. And for none of those people to get angry with me for throwing their dedicated rubbish away.

What I really wanted is pure black bittersweet indifference, and I got what I wished for. Two whole bags full of it.

I cleaned this house as though I am moving out of here tomorrow. It felt good.


  1. Geef het dan aan de O.E.Z daar zoeken ze uit wat ze gebruiken kunnen. Of aan de recycling container.

  2. There is wonderful pleasure in reclaiming space--especially at the expense of gifts that do no good.

  3. Hmm... wise decision! :)

    Belated Happy Birthday Greetings to you dear. :)

  4. Moving out? I must have missed something!!!!!!!!


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