Wednesday, August 25, 2010

en ligne


SandyCarlson said...

Go easy on yourself!

Pietro said...

Very nice!
I write the eleventh "hallo" and the first "hello"!

Nihal said...

How fun!

In the meantime, heart-to-heart. Yesterday I was trying to catch my reading on a few fave blogs with a quick eye visit. Who said those are the long summer days;) I am fighting against time to get reorganized after holidays. One thing I love is that I appreciate very much the wishes from my sweet friends like you, so until my next one in 2011 I'll be enjoying to pick them:) Thank you Thyme.

As for those "unusual" chimneys, one of the world's top wonders is Cappadocia. I'll talk about it till I drop:) Follow me & Have a great day~


Hola Thyme!