A- A-utodesk A-pology - and A slight new problem

A startup problem, to be precise. The A program has changed from A exe to Acad exe. Some commands and add-on customizations may not load correctly. Continue anyway?

And there's no "STOP ASKING ME THAT YOU BLOODY THING" selection box.

Now I remember why I wanted to stick with R2006 in the first place. My VBA didn't migrate. The good news is, that unlike R2007, in spite of it's self-doubts R2008 does appear to load and execute all my customization files correctly.

And I got an Autodesk apology. Someone called to say they were not actually out to get me. If they had visited and caught me running my ILLEGAL R2006 they might have let me off with just a slap on the wrist.

Why oh why they called the minute I was finished removing R2006, installing R2008 and discovering the portable license utility? after also just having dumped my cracked Dabbler Max Flare copies, exchanging a number of illegal Windows installations for Ubuntu, exonerating some redundant Microsoft Office, embracing Go-OOo, ... I guess we will never know.